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L Sealer Spares & Parts


At Hampshire Packaging, we provide and manufacture a wide range of L Sealer Spares & Parts including L Sealer Base Pad sets.

All our L Sealer Spares and Parts are manufactured on site by our skilled team.

We only use the best quality materials and we take great pride in producing the finest parts available. Our parts are built to last.

Our dedicated parts team can customise this item to any size required to suit your needs.

The L Sealer machine comes in a variety of sizes. The machine is used to wrap a wide range of different products.

Smaller L Sealer machines are generally used in bakeries for wrapping bread and pastry products in polyolefin material. The machines are popular with printers of business cards, manufacturers of baking trays etc. We’ve also found picture framers using these machines.

Larger L Sealer machines generally use PVC material and can be found wrapping anything from chicken wire fencing and doormats to bath panels. We can manufacture base pad sets to suit any of these machines.

The base pad is used to aid the sealing and cutting of the wrapping material polyolefin/polythene/PVC when the cutting wire is pressed on to the base pad.

Here is a list of our most popular ones:- (Bluebird Hawk, Kestrel, Wren, Merlin, Eagle and Osprey.)