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Different Types of Packaging Machines

Different Types of Packaging Machines

Different Types of Packaging Machines

Packaging machines are very popular all over the world as more businesses move online. There are various choices of materials and designs for packaging that help to make packaging more suitable for each industry. There are choices of manual or automated machines. It all depends on your business and productivity.

The advanced automation technology reduces human effort and works on a robotic system. Automation is the perfect option if you have a fast running production business.

Various Packaging Machines Give You a Choice of Manual, Semi automatic and Fully automatic.

Choosing Your Packaging Machine Depends On Your Requirements

People need to think twice, when they decide to buy a packaging machine.
There are some factors given below that people should take into consideration while purchasing a packaging machine.
It should be good in performance.
Work at high speed.
Easy to use and operate.
Easy to maintain.
The size should be adjustable according to space.
Accommodating several products.
Pace availability.
The machine part should be easy to repair.

Some popular packaging machines:

L-Sealing Machines a Popular Choice
L-sealing machines produce a totally enclosed bag and when used in conjunction with heat shrink tunnels can produce packs of very high quality and presentation
Usually available in 2 sizes
3 specifications, Manual, Semi automatic and Fully automatic
2 build materials. Painted steel and Inox stainless.
The packaging procedure is quick and easy to carry out.
The goods are put in the centre-folded film, the sealing jaw is closed and the packaged goods are completely sealed.
The wrapped goods are either taken out by hand or automatically removed and collected. As needed, the packaged goods can then be shrunk in a hot-air tunnel.
The height of the sealing table can be adjusted in several positions to optimally adjust the machine to a variety of different heights of the packaged goods.

Sleeve wrapping machine

Sleeve wrapping machines and shrink tunnels that adapt to your needs
Available in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic versions.
The manual wrapping machines are extremely flexible and at the same time have many convenient features.
The semi-automatic version has continuous regulation of the conveyor belt speed, energy-saving hot-air circulation and pulse-controlled wrapping process.
Basis sleeve wrapping machine features:
Pneumatic goods tray for the packaged goods
Automatic goods infeed and outfeed via conveyor belts
Gas-heated shrink tunnel
Automatic chain oiler
and many more options.

Blister sealing machine

Available in manual, fully automatic or semi-automatic.
The use of blister machines has many advantages for the entire storage, delivery and sales process of your goods.
The display package enables dealers to ensure an appealing and standardised presentation of the articles on the brackets known as euro hole, as well as a simplified inventory.
When using a blister machine, customers can rely not only on hygienic packaging but also on the fact that all items in the package are actually included, which might not always be the case with a simple cardboard box.
And last but not least, the shiny appearance and the dimensional stability of a professional display package make your articles even more attractive for commercial packing.
Blister machine Basics
Turning table for two sealing tools
Quick-change system for sealing tools
Pneumatically operated sealing stamp
Two-hand safety starting release
Painted with dual-colour resistant plastic structure lacquer

Shrink wrapping machine

With a shrink film packaging machine you can completely seal and shrink wrap all kinds of goods.
The material to be packed is first wrapped in film and then sealed at both sides.
After that the shrink tunnel ensures a perfect fit of the wrapping around the product contours.
The application areas of the shrink wrapping machine are varied.
Depending on the model and equipment, the machine can be mobile, provide a choice of either just sleeve wrapping or full wrap-around packaging, automatically recognise the packaging heights and lengths, adapt the film drive accordingly, and much more.
Basic machine features
Compact machine consisting of sealing machine and shrink tunnel
Energy-saving hot-air circulation
Pulse-controlled sealing system for PO and PE films
Film double roll carrier for increased flexibility

Shrink tunnels

Shrink tunnels can be used for many things, such as shrinking of films around packages, shrinking of heat-shrink hoses on different items such as rubber parts, batteries, bottles, tubes or fluorescent lamps.
Shrink tunnels are also the ideal choice for tempering plastics and drying a variety of different items.
Basis shrink machine – High-performance shrink tunnel
Standing on lockable swivel castors
Energy-saving hot-air circulation
Precise temperature control
Full integration into your production line

Skin packaging machine

With your skin packaging machine you can create real added packaging value.
Scratched surfaces, lost parts and unreadable labels are now a thing of the past.
When using VCI skin film and skin cardboard, your products are even protected against corrosion.
In addition, the skin packer ensures that your products are presented at the point of sale or directly at the customer in a just as appealing way as you would present the packaged goods for a catalog.
The products will arrive at the final customer or retailer in exactly the way they were placed on the skin cardboards.
The skin cardboard lying on the loading table is loaded with the products to be packaged and then pushed onto the vacuum table.
Pneumatically controlled, the heating screen runs over the skin film, until it is ready to skin.
Basis skin packaging machine features
The basic skin packaging machine is a mobile unit on lockable swivel castors.
With this skin packer, the entire skin process is possible without the use of tools.
The standard features include a heating control with solid state relays, a low-noise ejector vacuum pump with high vacuum power, and built-on shears for trimming and separating the finished skins. The technology of the skin machine has a modular design and can be expanded step by step.
Semi-automatic skin machine features
Automatic course of movement after start-up
Energy savings of up to 60% due to standby function
Mounted or separately standing guillotine shears
Mobile system on lockable swivel castors

Thermoforming machine

They are pretty-much indispensable in everyday life: vacuum-moulded parts manufactured with the help of thermoforming machines.
Whether the typical tarys in boxes of chocolates and chocolate advent calendars, yogurt cups, game box inserts or blister moulds.
But the application area of thermoforming machines is in fact much larger.
Thermoformed parts are today used in machine and plant construction, in the automotive industry, for the interiors of fridges and freezers, for front doors, stage sets and much more.
All of these parts are often no longer made using injection moulding, but are produced in thermoforming machines.
The clamping frame opens automatically and the thermoformed product can be removed manually.
The closure of the clamping frame is operated pneumatically.
Vacuum forming machine – Automated movement
Several heating circuits with separate heating control and separate temperature sensors
Pneumatically moving heat screen, clamping frame and form table
Dual cooling fan on the form surface, infinitely variable in three axes of motion


Overview of Other Types of Machines for businesses

Cup filling machine:

The cup filling machine is most widely used in business for the purpose of cup packing of liquid and thick materials such as milk, cream, jam, spreads, juice, syrup, etc.
These machines are helpful to provide the best quality and user-friendly.
The cup filling machines are used mostly in the industry because of its exclusive features like quick filling, forming, sealing and opening.

Pouch filling machines:
The pouch filling machines are very commonly used by companies to provide high-quality materials for perfect pouches packing.
These machines easily resist the light, moisture, odor, gas and provide the best product.

Bottle packing machines:

Bottle packing machines are used for filling and capping of liquid and semi-liquid products.
These machines are manufactured with new technology and various features easily available in the market.
Used by bottle packaging companies to maintain their standard with the best shipment and good safety.

Vacuum packing machines:

Vacuum packing machines are excellent for vacuum solutions and used for sealing products to save packages from the air.
They have become more advanced with latest features helpful to reduce the time of the process and the labor strength.

Packing tube machines:

These packing tube machines are used for packing tube related products such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
These machines are mostly used in big fast production industries.
These packing tube machines are helpful to provide products flexible in use.

Pure pack packing machines:

Pure pack packing machines are used for filling and sealing products like milk, cream, juice, yogurt and similar products that need safety for a long time.
It provides an appropriate filling process for all types of packing containers.

We have chosen some of the most popular packing machines, but there are many more good packing machines. It’s good to look around and understand the machine you choose for your business. Low price does not mean bad quality, but having the wrong machine for your industry will not be a good choice!

After you buy your packaging machine it’s good to keep it well maintained.

We at Hampshire Packaging sell Bluebird L Seal machines new and reconditioned, also machine parts, maintenance and including repairs.
We also manufacture parts in our Burnley workshop. Any questions or repairs, just give us a call.

If you take good care of your packaging machine and tools, they will serve you for a long time. If you feel unsure about your maintenance practices give us a call 01282 434446

Hampshire Packaging are professional engineers with many years of experience in repair and making custom parts for all types of packaging machines.

Competitive prices and fast service. Also ongoing maintenance if that works better for your business.

We are based in Burnley, but offer our services throughout Lancashire and surrounding areas.