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British Made Machinery Parts

British Made Machinery Parts

British Made Machinery Parts For All Your Packaging Machinery Servicing and Repairs

Hampshire Packaging stock and manufacture parts for all different packaging machines, largely made by our professional team in our UK workshop based in Burnley. Our friendly trained engineers are on hand to visit business customers anywhere in Lancashire UK. We also design and send custom made parts as you need them in small quantities or large quantities to the whole of the UK.

Don’t Wait…

We will have your packaging machinery up and running fast when breakdowns occur, and we can also carry out regular servicing and maintenance to prevent problems happening in the first place. Reducing expense and unforeseen issues!

Your Business Should Have Regular Maintenance to Prevent Problems

  • Regular maintenance can help you keep one step a head of inconvenient breakdowns leading to expensive and disruptive delays, that could have been stopped before they occur.
  • Hampshire Packaging are on hand to deal with either scenario, offering maintenance and servicing support to prevent problems from arising and also efficiently responding if the worst should happen and your machine breaks down.  Service & Maintenance Contract 

Choice of Services

  • We have a vast variety of spare parts which our engineers can fit for you – or you can fit yourself. If you do require a visit, our experts will be able to fit the parts and give your packaging machinery a helpful ‘health check’ or carry out a complete and comprehensive service if that is what you want.
  • If we don’t have the parts you need in stock –We have our own workshop where we manufacture all packaging machinery parts to your custom design.

Old & New Parts – Call 01282434446

We work on machines old and new and we are specialist Blue Bird packaging machinery engineers. We have parts in stock for most machines and can manufacture any others from scratch so please, do not hesitate to contact us. We provide an unrivalled packaging machinery parts service with British made parts.

Although our office is open regular office hours, we are available 24/7.

Still available during the lockdown for bookings and any questions. Call 01282434446

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